19 Nov

This past week/weekend for me has been one of the best in my life. I’ve said it before, and each time it’s been true.

But this one in particular, ranks in the top ten. My top ten best week/weekends.

10. The week I went to Disney World

9. The week I first rode in a fire truck. It is unexplainable how absolutely incredible the experience of firefighting and riding in a firetruck was

8. The first time I went to California, definitely one of the best week/weekends of my life. I skated a lot of famous spots and met a lot of really great people

7. The weekend I got my drivers license and took my friends to the movies in their parents car. The trust that I felt, and the overall experience was so much fun. I’ve ne’er had as much fun driving as I did then

6. The first time I lead a trip trough the Appalachian Mountains. It was only 20 miles, but I was 15 and lead a group of 12 boys and three adults. Pretty bad ass in my opinion

5. The week/weekend I picked up some sponsors and realized that I had some true skill (had being the key word as I was 19 and am now 29) and potential and the skateboard world (at least a small part of it and my local skate scene) felt the same way

4. The week/weekend I moved to Denver. That city is incredible

3. This past week/weekend. I got my new apartment, got rid of a ton of debt, and spent time with an incredible friend. The best part is that last week/weekend is pouring into this week. Life has beautiful, chaotic harmony

2. The first week I nannied for Fiona and Henry, the Bean and the Bug. This children completely have my heart, forever

1. The week/weekend I opened my skateshop Solace Skateshop. At 25 I accomplished one of my life dreams. The shop only lasted nine months, it cost me my home, my life savings, a ton of blood, sweat, energy, and time. But it was 100% worth it, and I will open her doors again one day

when there’s nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire

Sometimes in life there needs to be a purge, and when we’ve purged everything, we need to purge ourselves. It’s apart of growth. This past week/weekend (and pouring into this week) has been full of purging, and growth. And I couldn’t be more excited about the outcome, but I’m more focused on the journey.

Peace✌️& ❤️Love


A snapshot from my beautiful Sunday evening with an amazing friend.